Stenell Myers


Hi Bosses! Our purpose should always come from God! He created us to work and produce using the gifts and talents that he installed in us. The hands that we have are from God and should be used ...
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college and debt

College & Debt

Hi Bosses! So many times we hear about going to college applying for financial aid and accumulating debt. In this video I have my 24 year old son  Zaquell (yes my cute self have a 24 years old) ...
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Stenell Myers

Recurring Deposit Accounts

Having several accounts is the only way I know how to keep my accounts in control. I have eight accounts.  Paycheck, Bills, Thanksgiving, Christmas, IRA., Life Insurance, Car account, Vacation, and Emergency. When I get paid my paycheck ...
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My introduction to entrepreneurship

How I Got Started: My Introduction to Entrepreneurship PT 1

I was born and raised in Camden New Jersey. We always heard the negative impact Camden has on youth. The stigma associated with living in a City with poverty. Camden, New Jersey often ranks as one of the ...
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Stenell Myers

Zero Base Budget

Hey Bosses! Zero based budget means your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly income minus your expenses should equal zero. You are giving your money a title and telling it where to go.  When you get paid you need a ...
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Stenell Myers

Credit Card & Car Debt

October 2017, I came across Dave Ramsey 7 baby steps. Most people are familiar with Dave’s life learning ministry, as for me, I felt like I was late in the game. I was ready to learn, to go ...
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Stenell Myers

Entrepreneur, Multidisciplinary Leader, Counselor, Financial Coach Speaker and Educator. Stenell Greene-Myers is an advocate, teaching and training teens and adults in true entrepreneurship and debt freedom. Incorporating commitment, tenacity and vision, Stenell’s goal is to help people, families and business owners identify their strengths and combine those strengths with hard work to create change.


"In order to grow you must read and learn from those who have paved the way."


JOY Making a Difference Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit after school program, as well as a recipient of the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant, sponsored by the Department of Education. Located in Vineland, New Jersey.

A Second Touch support coordination agency is an organization qualified by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) to provide services to assist individuals in gaining access to needed programs and state plan services.

A Better Me Counseling is licensed in the state of New Jersey and have had experience working with children/ or adolescents. In addition, we are available to provide both individual and family sessions as necessary.

Stenell Myers help you take control of your finances and get out of debt. A Dave Ramsey Solution Masters Financial Coach, Stenell teaches common sense principles that have proven fruitful in her own life and she would like to share that with you.

A Second Touch Employment Opportunities

A Second Touch support coordination agency is seeking an experienced support coordinator for adults age 21 and over with intellectual disabilities. A Second Touch services Atlantic, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Burlington County.


A Better Me Counseling Employment Opportunities

A Better Me, Inc. is looking for Behavioral Assistants to provide services to children and adolescents in Southern New Jersey. We are an intensive based and family-centered mental health server with a set of defined interventions.